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May 12, 2017

Hello neighbors and friends
I'd like to make a public announcement regarding the status of Gregory "Red" Dorsey to those of you who know him. For those of you who don't know, Red has been our fellow long-time patron, local resident and honored Vietnam Veteran. He has also been looking out for me for well over 20 years. Greg/Red has battled some tough times over these past couple of years, from being placed in hospice care, surviving that, having his apartment building burned down in the block of 47th and Hazel, to being back in hospice care due to organ failure. We've been looking after him over these past months at the VA hospice care unit and we've noticed that the state of his condition has been up and down at moments.
Today, his nurse informed me that condition over these past few days has declined drastically and that he may only have next two days until he finally passes. His brother has also been by his side along with his family members and friends. I went to see him today he appeared peacefully asleep. Red has said over these past months that he has come to terms with his condition, he's lived a fulfilling life, and he wouldn't want anyone to mourn him but to celebrate his departure--where he'll rest in everlasting peace and be exposed to all the wonderful mysteries of the universe.
If you'd like to pay him a visit and say your goodbyes, please do so soon while you still can. He's been staying at the VAMC (Pt Loc: 1C-HPCU) near UPenn's Children hospital and across the street from the VA hospital..ask for the hospice care unit. You can also reach out to me personally in a pm for advice, Ephream Amare.

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