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March 22 2017

To all our locals, this is what we could have in store for us. If you'd like to try our hand at having an all inclusive community based pop-up, let's see a show of support for this project. Neighbors, email with your name and address

5112-5120 Pentridge Ave
Open Thursday-Sunday 5-10pm or 6-11pm
Friday 6/23-Sat 9 /16

Ephream Amare and I, along with my dad and uncle feel positive after last nights CPN community meeting. If you missed it I tried to sum up and start answering some concerns which I've listed below. While we did have the majority vote positive we do need more support from people in the West Philadelphia community, please send your support for the temporary pop-up beer garden along with your NAME and ADDRESS to Please share this with other members of our community.
Thank you!

We understand that parking has changed drastically in recent years for residents near/on the 5100 block of Pentridge St. When walking around to pass out flyers to these residents we saw the amount of under construction and finished developments going on in that neighborhood and can only imagine the added number of cars. We want to assure that this is a temporary project running for 50 nights over the course of 4 months this summer. We really don't foresee a large influx of cars as we are hoping to have most of our patrons coming from a walkable distance. We will also make it known in any advertising that parking is scarce, driving is not recommended and we will mention our close distance to the nearest trolley stop on 51st and Baltimore Ave.

As stated by most of the neighbors at "ground zero," this is already a noisy block, between the car garage on the north side of the street or the music space on the south. We do have an interest in having acoustic music, some speakers when there's no live music, other possible performances (comedy...) and possibly karaoke. The tentative schedule is to be open Thursday - Sunday evenings from 6-11pm, with any music ending at 10pm. In the CPN meeting there was some push to have hours moved an hour earlier (5-10pm, music ending at 9pm), which we are also open to.

Not Interested
We did hear a small amount of dislike for a beer garden as a plan at all. With a resident stating that they moved off of Baltimore Ave to be away from the bars. We do want to sympathize with people who have this temperament. We want to emphasize our intention to be much more than a "beer garden," with games for adults and children (chess, bag-o, jenga, a paint wall...) and the inclusion of a few food trucks and local businesses such as The Pop Shop (if your business is interested in being a part let us know) providing options for people who want to hang out but aren't interested in beer. We are also open to other recommendations to add onto this space whether it be community ran raised bed gardening or a bounce-castle for the kids. Our main goal is to clean up a empty lot and illegal dumping area, add foot traffic to the 5100 block of Pentridge and create a new summer hangout for our community, the beer garden aspect would allow us to make some returns on this investment.

There were some concerns around the safety of this block especially with the aforementioned car garage on the north side of the street. While we do not plan on being the neighbors that start policing this already existing business, we do hope to create a positive relationship with them. We want our patrons to feel safe inside of our pop-up and also when coming and going. We will hire a security team for ID checking and crowd control and they will also create a positive relationship with people who own or hangout in this garage. We do not wish to exclude these members of this community and we've gotten no push back from them so far. We think that our presence alone will drastically change the happenings of the block. We will add foot traffic and a community space where there's currently none and we will talk to our neighboring business and look for their inclusion. We'll have more trained security to post at the outer entrances of the field. In order to further mitigate alcohol influence, they will ensure that no one enters the garden with any outside beverages and all drinking is only done inside the designated area. Our guards will work with our servers to also ensure that no one is served beyond their limit and that anyone who appears intoxicated will not be granted admission into the premises. On the building constructs bordering the premise, we'll make use of visible camera surveillance. And, we'll also gather our many friends and interested volunteers to patrol the block radius in place of the lack in UCD's patrol. (We even have friends within that unit and the local police districts that we can look into gaining involvement from). We want to make no room for negligence.

Existing Structures
The abandoned building at 5110 will be secured, adding windows to all first floor windows and adding locks to doors, the inside will not be a functioning part of this pop-up. Part of the outside side wall of that structure (facing 52nd street) will be cleaned up and painted white to provide a art wall for community members to paint. The garage in the far rear of 5112 will be used as storage space and will be repaired accordingly with a roof added.

We plan to use JR Hauling for weekly trash pick ups and will have one dumpster on our property. We also want to look into working with different compost and recycling initiatives in Philadelphia and want to add a educational aspect in this matter for our younger patrons.

*Fun, optimistic artistic interpretations provided by Ephream

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