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August 04 2016

We are proud to share the latest article on one of our favorite hosts, LaTreice V Branson, and her #DrumLikeALady jam series which has reached its 1 year anniversary here at Dahlak (every 3rd Fridays). LaTreice, you have really created something special here.. let the jams continue #drumroll #salute

Drum Like a Lady and our sister jam session series, "The Jam Jawn", is highlighted in Philadelphia's JUMP MAGAZINE ( Issue #21: The Success Issue)! We are truly honored to be included amongst so many other amazing bands, musicians, producers and events that make our city a great place to be an artist.

I am also most grateful to the bold woman that said, "Treice, why don't you drum it out?" Jamila Hadiya, thank you for being the first woman to serve alongside me in the development of Drum Like a Lady. Thank you for inspiring hope and fearlessness in me when I was at the lowest point in my life. Thank you for every drum you've carried on your back after a long day's work. Thank you for joining me in prayer before EVERY jam session. Thank you for encouraging me to share my story passionately and aggressively, yet with gentleness and love.

These jams are as beautiful as they are unpredictable, and every person that brings an instrument, sings a song, claps, cries, laughs, dances and supports from afar is precious to the soundscape. I appreciate and love you all!

Cameron Robinson, thank you for writing about the little jam that could - "The Musical Therapy Jam".

With love,
LaTreice V Branson
Founder of Drum Like a Lady

#drumlikealady #thejamjawn #jumpmagazine #themusicaltherapyjam #ilive4thejam

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